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“Much—even most—meaning in conversation does not reside in the words spoken at all, but is filled in by the person listening. … [How] individuals will tend to interpret someone else’s words … depends more on the hearer’s own focus, concerns, and habits than on the spirit in which the words were intended.” –Deborah Tannen An … Continue reading


A few years ago, my supportive mother assured me that growing up with McDiesel would shape his big brother Typ into a tolerant, sensitive, and patient person. Typ would wind up an all-around good citizen for having to suffer the often unpredictable, incomprehensible, and unprovoked storms of McD’s behavior. McD’s behaviorist–tactfully–found this theory to be … Continue reading


Maybe because I’m teaching a Women’s Studies course this Spring, and maybe because Carol of Words’ post about hugs really resonated, I’ve been thinking a lot about waiting rooms as empowering spaces lately. I think this is a safe generalization: When you have a kid with a special need, you spend a good amount of … Continue reading


Last week, McDiesel got invited to a classmate’s birthday party. After the initial (and, as usual, all-too-brief) excitement of finding the invitation in his school folder once he got home, he declares (as usual, with all the oppositional vehemence he can muster) that he is NOT going. (Shocker.) Big Bro Typ, sitting next to him … Continue reading


This morning, see psychiatrist. He is a colleague of Beloved Behaviorist, has multiple advanced degrees, and is very good. Asks how things are going, how kids are doing, all that. Laughs that Beloved Behaviorist asked him if he thinks I’m ADHD. Am pulled up short by this and clarify, “If I am ADHD?” He nods. … Continue reading


For a long time I have been super attuned to my expanded vocabulary. In kitchen drawers and between the pages of (what’s supposed to be) my gratitude journal I find notes where I’ve scrawled technical terminology that describes McDiesel. Mostly, I write these words because I love words. Words are what I’ve been trained to … Continue reading


Motherhood, as usual, steeped in paradox. Metabolic panel comes back. Nothing “emergent” but “plenty to work with.” Nothing emergent should be cause for celebration. Instead, feel electric currents of panic shooting up my spine (surely overtaxed by now?). Is the neurologist ditching us? Is he saying the blood work suggests there’s nothing seriously (enough) the … Continue reading


Cannot decide about anything. It’s taken weeks to figure out best possible flight itinerary for out-of-town family event. (Possible defense mechanism?) Equally overwhelmed by what to pack for school lunches and what to have for dinner. (Maybe due to fact I can’t figure out if I’m even hungry myself?) Stare at laptop and cupboards, waiting … Continue reading