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Two years ago, during a session with our Beloved Behaviorist, she warned me that watching your child adjust to medication can be tough. As the doctor determines the right match of drug and dosage, she said, his personality might… disappear. McD’s behavior might do us all in, but his personality is/can be great. I had … Continue reading


“He never gets scared on a mission—even when it looks dangerous.” “He is energetic and unpredictable. … He is bold in battle and always ready for action.” “He is enthusiastic and fearless.” “[He] can be very clumsy and is always bumping into things. Maybe this is because…he usually acts first and thinks later!” Sounds like … Continue reading


Sometimes I swear McDiesel and the puppy are in competition for who can destroy the house first. The puppy chewed the corners off the vintage needlepoint seats of my 1920s mahogany dining chairs, but McD had already thrown a few of them over so many times they’re pretty much sticks anyway. So it’s kind of … Continue reading


We are getting close to meds. I can feel it. I’ve been seeing a lot of signs lately, even though I’m not sure signs really exist. Things are adding up, the scales are tipping, I’ve about given up. This week alone, I got my hair cut and had a 45-minute conversation with my stylist about … Continue reading


This morning, see psychiatrist. He is a colleague of Beloved Behaviorist, has multiple advanced degrees, and is very good. Asks how things are going, how kids are doing, all that. Laughs that Beloved Behaviorist asked him if he thinks I’m ADHD. Am pulled up short by this and clarify, “If I am ADHD?” He nods. … Continue reading


McDiesel’s new Kindergarten class newsletter explains the breakdown for daily reports which, in the past three years his older brother has been in school, I have never dreaded—or particularly paid attention to—before: Happy face Squiggly face Frowny face These three options seem at once overly simplistic and completely adequate. The school day is long and … Continue reading


For a long time I have been super attuned to my expanded vocabulary. In kitchen drawers and between the pages of (what’s supposed to be) my gratitude journal I find notes where I’ve scrawled technical terminology that describes McDiesel. Mostly, I write these words because I love words. Words are what I’ve been trained to … Continue reading


(id est, Latin, “that is”) What People Will Say When They Can’t Say They Think Your Kid is ADHD: active (with emphasis) physical (nice way of saying “aggressive”) hyperactive (almost exclusively the province of medical professionals who may use without causing offense. Have also tried it myself—and on professionals—who see through my deliberate evasiveness and unblinkingly … Continue reading


Cleaning up shards of light bulb on the kitchen floor (unfortunate and potentially hazardous result of tabletop lightsaber battle) and look up (powerless and too late!) to see through the window McD peeing all over my Meyer lemon tree on back porch (and smiling at me). Am reminded instantly of moment I diagnosed him myself. … Continue reading