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(Toss up between “Monarch” and “Metamorphosis” this time. Figure–hope–I might need to save “Metamorphosis.”) Live Butterfly Gardens undoubtedly a good idea—popular Springtime birthday gifts, preschool science projects, whatever. They’re just not the best idea for McDiesel. McD loves these things for the exact reasons this experiment has Disaster written all over it (magnetic pull to … Continue reading


I want to get along with preschool directors. I really do. McDiesel—the same kid who took his Little Boys’ Bible along when he got his blood work done for metabolic panel, is sent home (same day!) with envelope on which are written phrases—uttered by McD verbatim—so disturbing Director would not speak them aloud and had … Continue reading


In case you’re wondering, yes, I am aware ADHD medication exists. And I don’t want to seem terribly literary, but remember when the gentlemen come to Mr. Scrooge, asking for a donation to help the poor and destitute at Christmas? And he has the callous and unfeeling response: “And the … workhouses? … Are they … Continue reading


Dear Miss Betsy, Thank you for the email—we sincerely appreciate your serious concern about McDiesel’s behavior at school. We’re glad to hear you feel he’s made great strides behaviorally in the past months (especially since we had no idea you were undertaking such strides whatsoever). To answer your pressing question (and thank you for asking): … Continue reading