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Go to church meeting for Sunday School parents. Theme is prayer. Thoughtful handouts suggest ways of incorporating prayer into real life everyday and suggest specific prayers to pray for your children. A well-dressed, elderly, bent woman—Chair of the Centering Prayer Group—gives the first presentation. She rambles enthusiastically, interrupting herself with an emotional story of wayward … Continue reading


There could not possibly be a less good time to get a new puppy. To take on something else, to add to my list, to divide up in an eventual divorce. So what in the world brought me to the animal shelter yesterday afternoon? We were supposed to adopt the puppy our friend found, right? … Continue reading


There is nothing that nags like an elusive metaphor. But sometimes a jackknife is just a jackknife. Husband (Number One) fishes with boys. Relaxing activities do not, of course, relax boys. Or, as it turns out, Husband (Number One). Miles of invisible monofilament line, deadly hooks, big nets that can easily accommodate a boy’s head, … Continue reading


Husband Number One (and no, not as in #1—as in The First) comes home late from long day at work. He doesn’t want to ask. I know because I never want to ask when I come home from work, either. He finally does. He can’t ignore the anxiety rays I’m shooting in his direction. “How … Continue reading