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“Much—even most—meaning in conversation does not reside in the words spoken at all, but is filled in by the person listening. … [How] individuals will tend to interpret someone else’s words … depends more on the hearer’s own focus, concerns, and habits than on the spirit in which the words were intended.” –Deborah Tannen An … Continue reading


This morning, see psychiatrist. He is a colleague of Beloved Behaviorist, has multiple advanced degrees, and is very good. Asks how things are going, how kids are doing, all that. Laughs that Beloved Behaviorist asked him if he thinks I’m ADHD. Am pulled up short by this and clarify, “If I am ADHD?” He nods. … Continue reading


After college, I worked in a preschool before heading out to grad school. Mostly, I worked with an autistic little boy. I took a really cute photograph of him at school one day. He was happy and laughing and looking directly at the camera. I babysat for him on the side. At his house, his … Continue reading


Severe is not good. Not good to hear in association with your child. …Or in association with much of anything, for that matter. So then especially not good regarding your child. Teachers don’t say your little boy is severely smart or severely gifted. Doctors don’t say your little boy is severely healthy or severely thriving. … Continue reading


Cleaning up shards of light bulb on the kitchen floor (unfortunate and potentially hazardous result of tabletop lightsaber battle) and look up (powerless and too late!) to see through the window McD peeing all over my Meyer lemon tree on back porch (and smiling at me). Am reminded instantly of moment I diagnosed him myself. … Continue reading