Posted in September 2012


Six weeks into Kindergarten, this is already a school year of firsts: first Squiggly and/or Frowny Face on behavior chart, first successful boycott of carpool, and now, as of yesterday, first call home from teacher. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am, of course, surprised. Mrs. W. just wants to make us aware of An … Continue reading


This morning, McDiesel successfully boycotts the carpool to school—for the first time in history. Five minutes before the horn honks in our driveway, he commences complete meltdown over having to go to school, having to go to school with them, having to go to school in their car. He is a mess. I have five … Continue reading


Go to church meeting for Sunday School parents. Theme is prayer. Thoughtful handouts suggest ways of incorporating prayer into real life everyday and suggest specific prayers to pray for your children. A well-dressed, elderly, bent woman—Chair of the Centering Prayer Group—gives the first presentation. She rambles enthusiastically, interrupting herself with an emotional story of wayward … Continue reading


This morning, see psychiatrist. He is a colleague of Beloved Behaviorist, has multiple advanced degrees, and is very good. Asks how things are going, how kids are doing, all that. Laughs that Beloved Behaviorist asked him if he thinks I’m ADHD. Am pulled up short by this and clarify, “If I am ADHD?” He nods. … Continue reading


True, the pool was better this summer than last when I couldn’t keep McDiesel inside the pool fence, much less inside the pool (and outside the parking lot, golf cart barn, or fairway) for very long. Still, this summer, I swear, people see us coming and call it a day. Because when McD comes to the pool, relaxation … Continue reading