Posted in March 2012


Motherhood, as usual, steeped in paradox. Metabolic panel comes back. Nothing “emergent” but “plenty to work with.” Nothing emergent should be cause for celebration. Instead, feel electric currents of panic shooting up my spine (surely overtaxed by now?). Is the neurologist ditching us? Is he saying the blood work suggests there’s nothing seriously (enough) the … Continue reading


(Toss up between “Monarch” and “Metamorphosis” this time. Figure–hope–I might need to save “Metamorphosis.”) Live Butterfly Gardens undoubtedly a good idea—popular Springtime birthday gifts, preschool science projects, whatever. They’re just not the best idea for McDiesel. McD loves these things for the exact reasons this experiment has Disaster written all over it (magnetic pull to … Continue reading


I want to get along with preschool directors. I really do. McDiesel—the same kid who took his Little Boys’ Bible along when he got his blood work done for metabolic panel, is sent home (same day!) with envelope on which are written phrases—uttered by McD verbatim—so disturbing Director would not speak them aloud and had … Continue reading


Carol of Words got me thinking. We’re all neuro-atypical in some way. It’s the coping we’re capable of that makes the difference—how we make our anxiety or OCD or ADHD or bipolar disorder or whatever else pass for “Normal.” How we seem driven or ambitious or smart or super successful rather than… neurologically atypical. Her … Continue reading


There could not possibly be a less good time to get a new puppy. To take on something else, to add to my list, to divide up in an eventual divorce. So what in the world brought me to the animal shelter yesterday afternoon? We were supposed to adopt the puppy our friend found, right? … Continue reading


There is nothing that nags like an elusive metaphor. But sometimes a jackknife is just a jackknife. Husband (Number One) fishes with boys. Relaxing activities do not, of course, relax boys. Or, as it turns out, Husband (Number One). Miles of invisible monofilament line, deadly hooks, big nets that can easily accommodate a boy’s head, … Continue reading


Cannot decide about anything. It’s taken weeks to figure out best possible flight itinerary for out-of-town family event. (Possible defense mechanism?) Equally overwhelmed by what to pack for school lunches and what to have for dinner. (Maybe due to fact I can’t figure out if I’m even hungry myself?) Stare at laptop and cupboards, waiting … Continue reading


“What is WRONG with you??” is exactly what you really want to say a lot of the time when your kid is a lawless little darling like McDiesel. It’s pretty much a reflex. So it’s the hardest thing to stop saying. And so we all say it—me, Husband (Number One), big brother—even though we shouldn’t. … Continue reading