“No. Really,” she says as she touches my arm. “You’re crazy if you don’t look into it.”

This is McDiesel’s Sunday School teacher (who also happens to be a regular, real teacher. This gives her credibility.). She has just pulled me aside to explain why McD is not choosing a prize from the treasure box (mild disrespect—I am trying to hide my relief). Now she is telling me I am crazy if I don’t get him modeling. This is a good day (who cares about the treasure box?). Looking into modeling sounds much less desperate than looking into new OTs, more gluten tests, and EEGs (recently suggested by Dear Elder Widow).

Cell phone pictures of him would come out beautifully!” She insists. This is true, I well know. “He’s got it. It’s something special. You can just see his personality in his smile—and he smiles all the time. He knows he’s got it—and he knows how to smile.”

Am convinced the impish smile is McD’s instinctive damage control.

She continues: “Even the clothes…!” The clothes, of course, are my carefully calculated damage control. But I do not say so. I thank her and make current favorite remark in offhand tone about McD’s Big Personality.

Sunday School Teacher is not the first to suggest McD’s model potential. (I feel I can say this without sounding boastful since he really doesn’t look like anyone else in our family [additional evidence supporting a hospital mix-up?].) In fact, I hear it all the time.

Maternal pride in this fact is, however, checked by memory of favorite quote by Beloved Therapist who, also remarking on McD’s aesthetic charms, said, “Give me a room of bipolar kids, and I’ll give you the most beautiful kids you’ve ever seen. It’s like the universe’s way of balancing things out.” (Moment of panic—Wait… Is she saying McD is bipolar, too??— eventually subsided.)

Go home after Sunday School and try to balance out the universe by googling child modeling agencies in our area. Imagine this is how McD will earn his keep. His fame and fortune will more than repay us for the heartache and anxiety and three shattered flat-screen tvs.

Universal balance somewhat upset by discovering mischievous smiles highly sought after in child models, but cooperation at top of the list.

6 thoughts on “Model

  1. Oh my–we’ve been through the same thing! Ours is actually in writing several times–in the neuropsych report and in the OT report. Both acknowledge how attractive he is—I’m not sure why this is remarkable, but there must be some reason why it is mentioned. To soften the blow of what the reports say next?

  2. “Wait… Is she saying McD is bipolar, too?” – LOL. This is exactly where my brain would go, too. I’m sure those looks and that energy make him quite a charmer 🙂

  3. We’ve been told our ADHD, ODD, anxiety 6yo should be in modelling too, but he’d never sit still, he’d never smile for the camera (simply because they’d want him to), and he’d eventually tell them where to put the camera! It would be a short career. 😉

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