Posted in January 2012


(id est, Latin, “that is”) What People Will Say When They Can’t Say They Think Your Kid is ADHD: active (with emphasis) physical (nice way of saying “aggressive”) hyperactive (almost exclusively the province of medical professionals who may use without causing offense. Have also tried it myself—and on professionals—who see through my deliberate evasiveness and unblinkingly … Continue reading


Cleaning up shards of light bulb on the kitchen floor (unfortunate and potentially hazardous result of tabletop lightsaber battle) and look up (powerless and too late!) to see through the window McD peeing all over my Meyer lemon tree on back porch (and smiling at me). Am reminded instantly of moment I diagnosed him myself. … Continue reading


First of all, my credentials. Actually, only one really matters: I am McDiesel’s mother. Lots of parents have been dealing with ADHD for a lot longer than me. True. But I’ve been dealing with a lot of ADHD–in one little person–for the past four years. And I’ve learned a bunch so far that the developmental … Continue reading